Events at Norfolk Anime Explosion



Anime Explosion will have an explosion of anime events taking place all weekend, and some more events designed for hanging out, cosplaying, making friends, and more.
Click here to submit a panel you want to run!

Cosplay Contests

Cosplay is a huge part of any anime convention, and a big part of Anime Kaiju. On Saturday afternoon we will present your best costumes in our stage contest, with the best judged costumes winning prizes including free admission to next year’s convention. Please join us in making our first contest exciting by bringing out your best costumes and performances! Signups will be accepted in-person at the convention up until rehearsal begins.

Panels on all sorts of topics.

Cosplayers and other attendees like yourself, in addition to our numerous guest presenters and panelists, will be hosting panels on everything from featured anime – like Attack on Titan or Sailor Moon – to things in the world of Japanese culture and entertainment. If you’d like to run a panel, click here.

Exhibitors, Dealers, Artists

Browse our exhibit hall filled with dealers/vendors selling anime merchandise, shop from over a dozen different artists’ creations, and bring home armfuls of anime swag.